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Residential Radon Mitigation

Residential Radon Mitigation

Providing radon testing and radon mitigation to residential customers, SWAT Environmental understands the dangers high levels of radon can be to yourself and your family. Our residential radon mitigation is an effective process designed to decrease radon levels in your home, even in parts of the country will serious radon problems. For more information on SWAT’s easy and affordable solutions to radon issues contact us today!

How Radon Enters A Home

There are a number of different ways radon can enter your home, which is why it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of where radon is coming from. Naturally present in soil throughout the country, radon gas is everywhere. As your home creates a pressure difference between the interior of your home and the soil outside; it can create a vacuum, called “the stack effect”, causing radon gas to be sucked in through the crack or tiny holes in the foundation. By addressing the underlying problem, equalizing the interior and exterior pressure, radon mitigation will release and decrease the overall radon levels inside the home. One type of mitigation method, Sub Slab Depressurization or SSD, utilizes negative pressure fields established underneath the foundation of the home to pull gases directly from the soil.

While the foundation and surrounding soils is the most common way radon enters the home, in many parts of the country radon in the groundwater is causing serious problems. If you have a well in one of these areas, your home is automatically at risks for harmful radon exposure. Odorless and colorless, radon is a radioactive gas that can easily seep into your home anytime you turn on the tap, wash dishes or use the shower.

Again, any residential radon mitigation program you choose will have to address the underlying problem. If you are concerned that your water is at risk for contamination, SWAT will send a quality radon water test to your home to determine if your well is contaminated. Once the problem is identified, SWAT will take you through the steps to stop the contamination and mitigate the radon levels in your home.

Get A Qualified Radon Specialist

Radon exposure is a serious threat to the health of yourself and your loved ones, and any effort to mitigation should be taken equally as serious. If you suspect your home has a radon problem, you need to have the house, the well and surrounding soil tested ASAP. Once a problem has been identified, it is imperative to hire a experienced and qualified residential radon mitigation specialist.