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Radon Mitigation For Real Estate Professionals

Radon And Real Estate Transactions

Are you in the market for a new home? If so, buyer beware, Radon gas is a serious contaminant that can affect the health of your family. It is vital for every potential home buyer to have full knowledge of the property’s history of exposure and/or methods for remediation.

Are you a real estate agent working to help sell a home or are representing buyers interested in a property? No matter what, every buyer has the right to obtain a thorough history of the home, and that includes any hidden health risks. Don’t let a fear of Radon disrupt your real estate transaction. At SWAT Environmental, we have a proven history for satisfying the needs of residential and commercial customers alike.

Most states require disclosure of radon levels and strongly suggest radon testing and mitigation should be a part of any real estate transaction. As an asset you can trust, SWAT Environmental is dedicated to determining the safety of a particular property from radon exposure. Our NRPP certified, insured , trained, and background checked technicians can custom design and implement a Radon mitigation system for both residential and commercial properties. By investing in these services, any prospective buyer can ensure their family’s health and safety.

With a large professional organization and dedicated office staff at our disposal, we can accommodate tight schedules and make radon mitigation a non-issue in your real estate transactions. By simply asking a few key questions over the phone, our staff can provide you with a quote in minutes.

At SWAT Environmental, we understand that when you recommend us to others it is not just our reputation on the line, but yours as well. Which is why we take the extra steps to ensure a proper and timely installation. The extensive experience and reputable service of SWAT Environmental Utah has made us the largest and most referred radon mitigation company in Utah.

If you’re unsure if a property has been tested for Radon, or if the currently installed mitigation system is operating properly - give us a call at 303-466-2626. Helping Utah residents stay safe for many years, we offer $100 off our base price to any client working with a Realtor.