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Commercial Radon Mitigation

Commercial Radon Mitigation

At SWAT Environmental, we understand all the challenges radon mitigation presents to your home and your business. Our team of experienced and professional radon specialist are ready to take action against radon problems on all fronts. We understand the legal challenges, risks and other factors eliminating radon inside a commercial building can present. For example, some state and local authorities have certain restrictions that can put a severe strain on your ability to do business and make a profit.

Choosing SWAT For Commercial Radon Problems

At SWAT Environmental, we understand how important it is to keep it business as usual, which is why our trained and experienced technicians are here to walk you through the entire process.We will thoroughly explain the risks and mechanics of our radon mitigation services.

When the pressure is higher in the surrounding soil than it is inside the building, radon gas is then sucked into the building through tiny cracks and holes, causing radon contamination. Our radon technicians utilize Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) method to mitigate radon problems in commercial buildings. This form of commercial radon mitigation works by stabilizing and equalizing the pressure between the soil outside and the air inside the building. When a quality commercial radon mitigation specialist uses the ASD method, the pressure is equalized and thus draws radon from underneath the building, protecting the health of your employees and customers.

SWAT Environmental Commercial Radon Mitigation Contractors

In accordance with many state law, we are aggressively ensuring that every one of our field technician is properly licensed, certified and registered in the state they work in.

As a leader in commercial radon mitigation, we encourage all of our customers to ask a ton of questions, we believe in the power of information. Take some time to peruse our website or contact one of our nationwide customer service representatives for more information on how SWAT Environmental can help with your commercial radon mitigation.